The TimberKing 1220 Advantage
At a Glance...

4-Post Cutting Head 
1,200 lbs.
34" Log Diameter 30 Day No-Questions Guarantee
5 Year Limited Cutting Deck Warranty

29" Width of Cut
16" Clearance Above Blade
Standard Electric Blade Clutch
2 Year Limited Warranty

Cutting Head 4-Post 2-Post "Semi-Cantilever"
Cutting Deck Twin-Beam Welded Twin-Beam Bolt-Together
Standard Motor 18HP/25HP Gas
(Diesel & Elec. Avail.)
18HP/25HP Gas
(Diesel & Elec. Avail.)
Machine Weight 1,400 lbs. 944 lbs.
Max. Log Diamater 33.5" 28"
Max. Cut Length 17' 9"  (Extendable) 17' 3" (Extendable)
Max Width of Cut 29" 21"
Clearance Above Blade 16" 12"
Blade Clutch Electric (Standard) Not Available
Moveable Guide Roller Manual Manual
Command Post Walk-Along Walk-Along
Feed System Manual (Aircraft Cable) Manual (Nylon Rope)
Blade Up/Down Manual Manual
Log Stops Manual Manual
Log Clamp Manual Manual
Highway Transport Package Optional Not Available
Money-Back Guarantee 30-Day, No Questions 30-Day, Limited
Warranty 2-Year Limited 2-Year Limited