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Perfect balance of value, speed, and convenience!

The TimberKing 1600 is a VALUE BREAKTHROUGH: the ONLY mill in its class to offer Direct Action Hydraulics including Hydraulic Blade Feed, Hydraulic Blade Up/Down and available Hydraulic Log Loaders, Hydraulic Bi-Directional Chain Log Turner and Hydraulic Log Clamp. Compare to similarly-priced brands with hand-crank feed, hand-crank blade up/down and manual log-loading and you’ll see for yourself the TimberKing Value Advantage.

Not only do you take a big step up with these key hydraulics — the 1600’s features give you serious strength and stability that has made TimberKing the top choice of sawyers since 1929: 4-Post Cutting Head, fully-welded all-steel deck, standard transport package, best warranty in the business, and much more.
Massive 4-Post Head Design! You get the same stable, flat-cutting system used on TimberKing’s larger, industrial-duty mills. No half-measures or cantilevers involved.

27HP Kohler Motor muscles through logs up to 36” in diameter and 20’ long.

Remote Electric Clutch for longer blade life.

Greaseable Guide Rollers for even more blade life.

Transport Package comes standard, includes 5,000 lb capacity axle, 16” highway tires, electric brakes, safety break-away harness, tongue, receiver and lights.

Hinged Blade Covers make blade changes fast and easy.

Cadmium Plating System prevents bare-metal parts from rusting.

Fine Adjust Outriggers come with transport package, provide rock-solid stability.

Blade Tension Indicator gives you maximum cutting efficiency and extended blade life.

NEW! TimberKing DirectLube System applies TimberKing lubricants in a thin film directly onto the blade. EXCLUSIVE gravity-feed system with no motors or small parts to fail.
Stationary Command Post & Direct Action Hydraulics – Standard hydraulics and electric blade clutch mean you stand in one place to operate mill. No need to walk with cutting head. Hydraulic controls are direct-drive for smooth, variable control...eliminates jerky on/off found with electrical-control hydraulics.

Hydraulic Blade Feed & Blade Up/Down eliminate extra work of hand-crank systems.

Hydraulic Log Loader with twin 5000 pound rams easily lifts logs up to 4000 pounds. The 1600 is the only mill in its class to offer this crucial feature.

Bi-Directional Chain Log Turner with massive #80 chain and solid machined turner blocks lets you easily turn logs in both directions for perfect positioning. Only major manufacturer's mill in it's class to offer this crucial feature!

High-Speed Hydraulic Clamp System allows you to remain at control panel. Push of a lever moves powerful spike in and out.

Industrial Duty Energy Chain connects cutting head hydraulics with log loaders.

Mechanical Log Stops raise and lower from Command Post.

Hair-Line Depth Gauge Scale allows precision cutting to the 32nd of an inch!

1600 Q&A:

Q: What makes the 1600 my best choice in a Mid-Size mill?

A: The 1600 offers many more standard features than the others in its class, including standard transport package and 4-Post Head. The Value Advantage of the 1600 really comes down to one word: HYDRAULICS. No other mill in this price range offers the hydraulic automation available on the 1600. Automatic blade feed and automatic blade up/down come standard. Compare to other brands where hand cranks power these operations. And optional hydraulic log loaders give the 1600 labor saving power that’s simply not available on other brands.

Q: Why does the 1600 have hydraulics ONLY on loaders, blade feed, and blade controls?

A: Hydraulics save time and effort but cost money. This is the mill for serious do-it-yourselfers: larger capacities and more convenience than our smaller mill, without the higher prices of our fully-hydraulic, pro sawyer mills.

Q: How do I know if the 1600 is the right mill for me?

A: If you have big plans but a tight budget, the 1600 could be a good choice for you. Think about the logs you’ll cut: the 1600 handles logs up to 20’ long by 36” diameter. Think about volume: the 1600 turns out a much as 2,500 board feet per day. Think about ease-of-use: the 1600’s key hydraulics make handling big logs easy. Finally, think about value. No other brand offers so many features and so much automation at anywhere near the 1600’s price.

Q: Will the 1600 do what I need it to?

A: Here are some ways to make sure. Give us a call and we can tell you about the 1600 in detail. If you wish, you can see one in action: Chances are that there’s a 1600 operating somewhere near you, no matter where you live. Give us a call and we’ll set you up to contact the 1600 owner (or owner of any of our models) in your area. Finally, try it for yourself. Every TK mill comes with our exclusive 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Try it for a full month in your woodlot. Not satisfied for any reason, back it comes.

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Make the 1600 the King of Mid-Size Mills
1 4-Post Head and Twin-Beam Cutting Deck – The same flat-cutting head design that's at the heart of every TimberKing mill. With two full-length steel box beams, the 1600's cutting deck offers 200% of the support of single-beam mills.
2 Essential Direct-Action Hydraulics – Blade feed and blade up/down operate with fingertip hydraulic controls. Hydraulic Log Loaders...Hydraulic Log Clamp... Other brands cost about the same, yet come with no hydraulics...or they depend on electric motors to run hydraulic systems!
3 Hydraulic Bi-Directional Chain Log Turner – The 1600 is the only mill in its class to offer this essential labor-saver, usually available only on bigger, industrial mills.
4 Electric Blade Clutch – Flip of a switch engages and disengages blade. This feature comes standard — costs hundreds extra on other brands, if it's available at all!
5 Stationary Command Post & Direct Action Hydraulics – Standard hydraulics and electric blade clutch mean you stand in one place to operate mill. No need to walk with cutting head. Hydraulic controls are direct-drive for smooth, variable control... eliminates the service headaches and jerky on/off found with electric-control hydraulics.
6 36" Capacity, 32" Cutting Throat – 1600 features the widest cutting throat of any major manufacturer's mid-size mill. It will cut straight through the center of a 32" diameter log and will handle logs up to 36" in diameter.
7 Hinged Blade Covers – Blade changes are a snap with the 1600's convenient hinged covers.
8 The Human Touch – When you call TimberKing a human being answers and helps get you to the right place.  Our sales-people are on salary -- not commission -- which means they're not trying to make a "quick sale." They give you good honest information to help you find the right machine for your needs.
9 Protected Hydraulic Lines are tucked safely into industrial-grade energy chain...eliminates pinch-point wear and tree-branch abrasion common with over-head hydraulic lines.
10 Longest and Strongest Guarantee and Warranties – We're so confident in the rugged construction of the 1600 mill we back it up with TimberKing's exclusive 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee, 2-Year Limited Warranty, and 5-Year Limited Cutting-Deck Warranty.
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