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The TimberKing 2000 combines all of TimberKing's latest sawmill innovations with the 75 Year TimberKing tradition of building simple, rugged machines to stand up to years of high-production sawing. The 2000 mill replaces our venerable B-20 mill. For over 20 years, the B-20 story was one of constant innovation. Among other things, we were the first to introduce the bi-directional chain log turner, hydraulic vertical log stops and computer setworks.

Recently we found that some of the ways we wanted to make the B-20 better were limited by the basic structure of the mill. Luckily, we didn't have to look far for a solution. The TimberKing 2200 and 2400 mills provided the inspiration and many of the components for our new flagship machine, the TimberKing 2000.
37HP, ELECTRIC START, V-TWIN KOHLER ENGINE gives most power and torque in class.

COMPUTER SETWORKS cuts board after board to specific thickness you select with the flip of a switch. Same powerful setworks used on our 2200 and 2400 mills.

HINGED BLADE WHEEL COVERS comes standard, blade engages with the flip of a switch.

MASSIVE CUTTING THROAT dwarfs the competition. 32" between the guide rollers, 16" clearance above the blade, 29" max clearance above the log deck gives you the capacity to easily handles logs up to 36" in diameter...and beyond.

ELECTRIC BLADE CLUTCH comes standard, blade engages with the flip of a switch. An expensive upgrade on competitors' mills.

greaseable bearings and large diameter dramatically increase blade and bearing life.

HYDRAULIC ROLLER TOE BOARDS let you get the best boards from tapered logs.

AVAILABLE DEBARKER cuts a clean path for blade - increases blade life and cut accuracy.

AVAILABLE BOARD DRAG BACK brings board back to operator's end for higher daily production.

4-POST CARRIAGE SUPPORT SYSTEM guarantees consistent blade-to-bed alignment. Twice the blade support of standard mono-rail/cantilever mills, four times the support of "single mast" mills.

HYDRAULIC CHAIN DRIVE CUTTING HEAD provides dependable, solid-state blade feed…eliminates slippage of cable-drive systems.


HYDRAULIC LOG LOADER with twin, 5-ton rams, 1" thick steel loading arms, self-attenuating supports, 5,000 lbs. capacity!

TIMBERKING DIRECT LUBE SYSTEM applies TimberKing lubricants in a thin film directly onto the blade.

HIGH-SPEED HYDRAULIC DOGGING SYSTEM allows you to remain at control panel. One lever moves powerful spike in and out. A second lever moves spike to the perfect height for every cut.

SWING COMMAND POST – 2000'S exclusive swing command post gives full and flexible view of the cutting area, eliminates tedious set-up and take-down of remote operator's stations.

HEAVY DUTY INDUSTRIAL ENERGY CHAIN binds hydraulics in a coat of protective armor…safe from abrasion and damage. Lines are tucked along side of machine, can't get caught on over-hanging limbs, branches or gateways.

with massive #100 chain and solid machined turner blocks lets you easily turn logs in both directions for perfect positioning. We invented it...now we've perfected it.

HYDRAULIC VERTICAL LOG STOPS the same dependable design we've used for years, beefed up with solid two-by-two steel uprights.

AUTO BLADE GUIDE lets you easily turn logs in both directions for perfect positioning.

10 ROCK SOLID REASONS the 2000 is
Conquers monster logs up to 21' long x 36" diameter
1 4-POST HEAD has massive support at each corner. Eliminates blade deflection and constant adjustment of cantilever cutting heads.
2 SOLID WELDED TWIN-BEAM CUTTING DECK offers 200% of the full-length support of single beam "mono-rail" mills.
3 ELECTRIC BLADE CLUTCH – Flip of a switch engages and disengages blade. This feature comes standard - costs hundreds extra on other brands!
4 32" CUTTING THROAT – The 2000 features the widest cutting throat of any major manufacturer's mill, cutting straight through the center of a 32" diameter log. Easily handle logs up to 36" diameter...and beyond.
5 COMPUTER SETWORKS The latest technology maximizes yield from every cant, boards are perfectly dimensioned, cut after cut after cut. This is the same easy to use but advanced set works we put on our 2200 and 2400 mills.
6 THE HUMAN TOUCH – When you call TimberKing a human being answers and helps get you to the right place.  Our sales-people are on salary -- not commission -- which means they're not trying to make a "quick sale." They give you good honest information to help you find the right machine for your needs.
7 DIRECT ACTION HYDRAULICS – Hydraulic blade feed, blade up/down, log loaders, dual-action log clamp, log stops, chain log turner, toe boards all come standard. Direct action avoids troublesome electronic "middle man" found on competitors' mills.
8 SOLID STEEL HINGED BLADE COVERS – Blade changes are a snap with the 2000's convenient hinged covers. Solid steel construction eliminates tear-through danger of plywood covers found on other brands.
9 PROTECTED HYDRAULIC LINES are tucked safely in heavy-duty industrial energy chain, eliminates pinch-point wear and tree-branch abrasion common with over-head hydraulic lines.
10 LONGEST AND STRONGEST GUARANTEE AND WARRANTIES – We're so confident in the rugged construction of the 2000 mill we back it up with TimberKing's exclusive 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee, 2-Year Limited Warranty, and 5-Year Limited Cutting-Deck Warranty.
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