There's a good reason TimberKing's Solid-Welded 4-Post Head is the most imitated cutting design in the industry:

It's the ONLY way to guarantee perfect and consistent alignment between the blade and the log deck... It eliminates the "head flex" so common with cantilever, mono-rail designs. Eliminates the constant re-tightening and and inaccurate cuts of vibration-plagued bolt-together heads.

A saw head has one purpose in life: keep the blade level with the cutting deck. When something heavy needs support, the dependable way to support it is on four corners. It doesn't take an engineer to tell you your kitchen table needs 4 legs!

The 4-Post head is straight-forward, it's rugged and it works. Commonly-sold cantilever heads ride on single-beam mon-rail cutting decks. That means they get support on one side only. They can work but they require periodic re-leveling and support during transport. In short a cantilever head cuts flat some of the time...a 4-post head cuts flat all of the time.

But that's not all...a 4-Post Head means your mill handles BIGGER logs. Here's why:

Because the TimberKing's blade is supported on both sides, TimberKing mills offer MUCH wider cut throats than cantilever mills -- as much as 10 inches wider on our biggest model! That means your TimberKing mill routinely makes wide cuts that are physically impossible on small-throat cantilever mills.


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