The TimberKing 2000 Advantage
At a Glance...

4-Post Cutting Head
4,520 lbs.
36" Log Diameter Direct-Action Hydraulics
Hydraulic Blade Up/Down
Bi-Directional Chain Log Turner  

32" Width of Cut
16" Clearance Above Blade
Standard Electric Blade Clutch
Hydraulic Blade Feed
Hydraulic Vertical Log Stops
30-Day No-Questions Guarantee  

Cutting Head 4-Post 2-Post Cantilever
Cutting Deck Twin-Beam, Solid Welded Single Beam, Bolt-Together
Standard Engine 37HP V-Twin Gas (Diesel & Elec. Avail.) 35HP V-Twin Gas
Machine Weight 4,520 lbs. 4,370 lbs.
Max. Log Diameter 36" 36"
Max Cut Length 20' (Extendable) 21' (Extendable)
Max Width of Cut 32" 26"
Clearance Above Blade 16" 12"
Machine Width 7' 3" 6' 6"
Machine Length 30' 11" 26' 2"
Blade Clutch Standard Standard
Moveable Guide Roller Electric Electric
Command Post Stationary Walk-Along
Stainless Steel Bed Caps Standard Standard
Computer Setworks Standard Standard
Direct-Action Hydraulics Standard Not Available
Feed System Direct-Action Hydraulics 12V Electric
Blade Up/Down Direct-Action Hydraulics 12V Electric
Log Loaders Direct-Action Hydraulics Hydraulic
Log Stops Direct-Action Hydraulics, Vertical Hydraulic, Swing
Log Clamp Direct-Action Hydraulics Hydraulic
Toe Board Direct-Action Hydraulics Hydraulic
Bi-Directional Chain Log Turner Direct-Action Hydraulics Hydraulic
Highway Transport Package Standard Standard
Electric Brakes Standard Standard
Break-Away Box Standard Standard
Fine Adjust Outriggers Standard Optional
Board Drag-Back Optional Optional
Debarker Optional Optional
Money-Back Guarantee 30-Day, No Questions 30-Day Limited
Warranty 2 Year Limited 2 Year Limited
Cutting Deck Warranty 5 Year Limited 5 Year Limited