2000 Owner James Tuttle

Some portable sawmill owners have told us their production has more than doubled since they got their TimberKing Talon 900 Edger. Cutting that much more wood every day puts that much MORE money in your pocket at the end of the day!

TimberKing has been making board edgers since the 1930s, and we're the acknowledged leader in the field. In 1998 we introduced the revolutionary Talon 900 Conveyor-Feed Edger. It was the first portable edger to carry a full 108 inches of industrial-duty conveyor table surface.

One simple fact makes the Talon 900 Edger better than all the rest:

Conveyors GRIP...Rollers SLIP.

The key to any edger is a straight cut. If an edger won't cut straight, you don't want it.

To cut straight, an edger must have a solid grip on the work-piece. The more surface area that contacts the board, the more solid the grip.

This is why conveyor-feed edgers cut straight boards so much more consistently than roller-table edgers. Rollers support the work-piece, but they don't GRIP it. The piece gets out of line easily, resulting in crooked cuts.

GRIP is the key, and only conveyor-feed edgers have it.

And only the TimberKing Talon 900 Edger offers you a full 108 inches of conveyor table surface. That's more than any other manufacturer, and that's why professional sawyers have chosen the Talon 900 Edger again and again.

The Talon 900 Edger comes fully portable, with six press tires on infeed/outfeed, four side-wind support jacks, and a 25HP power plant for a price that's about the same as competing, roller-table machines.


TimberKing Talon 900 Specifications
Maximum Width of Passage
21 inches
Maximum Cutting Thickness
3 inches
Maximum Width of Cut
19 inches
Shortest Stock
40 inches
Blade Diameter
12 inches
Arbor Diameter
1.5 inches
Feed Speed
Variable, 40 - 60 FPM
25 HP
Table Height
34 inches
Edger Length
15 feet 4 inches
Conveyor Length (infeed)
52 inches
Conveyor Length (outfeed)
52 inches
800 lbs.

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