With over 500 standard pattern knives, you can use a Woodmaster Molder to match any lumberyard molding at a fraction of retail. That means you can save thousands on your own building projects, or make thousands selling to others.

Here are just a few of the ways Woodmaster owners make their machines pay off BIG:

– One owner we know bought a few standard knife patterns, cut samples, and went to several local lumber-yards offering to sell them oak molding. They agreed to pay him $2.50 a lineal foot for most patterns. On a two-inch molding pattern that translates to as much as $15.00 per board foot!

– Even a medium-sized home has literally thousands of feet of interior trim. With a Woodmaster, you'll get your trim for pennies per lineal foot. And you won't have plain old pine - you're limited only by your imagination: walnut, oak, cherry, mesquite, knotty pine even osage orange.

– Because homes have so much trim, many owners have contracted with local builders to supply them with their trim. Every one wins: the contractor pays less for a superior product, you dramatically increase the value of the lumber you saw.

In addition to our 500 standard patterns, Woodmaster can match any pattern you send. Match antique molding patterns, or create your own.

Here's another great way to add money to your bottom line:

– Home restoration specialists across America depend on their Woodmasters to perfectly match antique moldings. Best of all, they can charge a substantial premium for this molding, including the cost of knives. And their customers still save money over having the molding custom-made at the lumberyard!

– If you're not in the home restoration business, you can contact local people who are. Even if you charge $5.00-$10.00 per lineal foot (that's $30.00-$60.00 per board foot on a two-inch pattern) they will still be paying less than what they'd pay the lumberyard to cut custom molding! Again: it's win-win.

With the possible exception of a dry kiln, there's simply no better way than a Woodmaster Molder to add value to the lumber you saw.

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