Talon-R Resaw
2000 Owner James Tuttle
Talon-R Resaw Owner Dave Pulse

Talon While the Talon-R Horizontal ReSaw is new to the our product family, it's every inch a TimberKing: 4-Post Blade Head, Rugged Welded Construction and Direct-Action Hydraulic Belt Feed.

At its core, a resaw is a fairly simple machine: it feeds material and saws it.

For the sawing function of the Talon-R we applied everything we've learned about making sawmills over the last 80 years. All major cutting components are the same ones used on TimberKing's industrial mills. Notice in particular the same 3-inch machined steel greasable guide rollers we use on the 2000, 2200 and 2500 mills.

The other important function of the machine – material feed – is accomplished by a heavy industrial conveyor belt driven by direct-action hydraulics. Simple, dependable hydraulics eliminate the down-time associated with electric-feed systems. This means the machine is running more and harder - which means more money in your pocket.

The Talon-R is perfect for remanufacturing boards, cants, and reclaiming slabs into finished products, especially pallet boards. The heavy-duty bed easily tilts to cut at an angle, producing lap siding and moulding blanks.


TimberKing TALON-R resaw Specifications
Power Options
25HP Gas
Overall Dimensions
980 lbs.
Blade Wheel
Belted Cast Steel
Feed System
12" Rubber belt
Head height adjustment
Feed rate
0-60 fpm
Return System
Manual roller table  
Material Min Max
Length 18" Unlimited
Width 1" 16"
Height .25" 14"

Heavy-Duty Greasable Blade Guides. Machined from high-grade tool steel, these massive 3" diameter rollers are the same ones we use on TimberKing industrial mills. Like everything TimberKing: built heavy and ready to work!



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