You can buy FANCIER but you'll never find a TOUGHER mill – We Guarantee It!

Sawmills with lots of engineered gadgets and gizmos look good on paper. But in 75 years in the sawmill business, we've learned that the fancier a mill is, the fussier it is – and that fussy things either fall apart or fail when the going gets tough.

All TimberKing mills are made purposely UN-fussy. We build them to rugged specifications using the highest-quality materials and honest American workmanship. Because TimberKing mills are made simple, they're extremely tough and reliable.

Our Warranty proves a point about TIMBERKING TOUGHNESS!

A sawmill warranty is where you'll get the real story about toughness and reliability. It's easy enough to SAY you make tough equipment. It's harder to put your money where your mouth is. Because we have total confidence in the quality and reliability of every sawmill we build, we can confidently stand behind them like no one else does.

Comparing mills? PLEASE compare warranties.

Mill warranties are remarkably revealing: read between the lines and you get a very clear picture of the company's opinion of its own machines.

ONLY TimberKing backs ALL new mills with a 30-Day No-Questions Money-Back Guarantee, 2 Year Limited Parts Warranty and 5-Year Limited Cutting Deck Warranty.

You may talk to companies that offer shorter warranties, more restrictive warranties, or no warranties at all. Their warranties may exclude important things like hydraulic and electric components. Or they may put weaker warranties on their smaller models. These companies may try to tell you, "Don't worry – we make such good equipment you don't need a strong warranty."

But a company that trusts in the quality of their mills can stand behind them. And if they don't trust their mills, should you? There's no stronger warranty than TimberKing's for one simple reason: there's no better sawmill than TimberKing.

The BEST WARRANTY in the saw mill business!
30-Day, NO-RISK, MONEY-BACK Trial Offer ON ALL MODELS. You take no risk! When your mill arrives, put it to work for thirty days completely at our risk. Use it as much as you like. Make absolutely certain that it is everything you expected. If you are not entirely pleased and satisfied, simply notify us and return it (shipping pre-paid by buyer) for a full refund of the mill’s purchase price.

2-Year Limited Warranty ON ALL MODELS. Your TimberKing Band Saw Mill and all attachments have been carefully inspected at our factory. We will, at any time within two years from the date of delivery, repair or replace (our option) any part which is defective in materials or workmanship. This includes parts not directly manufactured by TimberKing, Inc. such as bearings, electrical systems, and hydraulic components. Obvious wear parts such as blades, belts, and tires, of course, are not included. Call or write for details.

5-Year Limited Cutting Deck Warranty ON ALL MODELS. In addition to the industry's strongest 2-year warranty, the cutting deck on ALL TimbrKing mills is covered for a full 5 years against defective materials or workmanship. Call for details.


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