EVERY TimberKing mill is BUILT LIKE A TANK!

EVERY TimberKing mill has a massive, Solid-Welded 4-Post Head because it’s the ONLY way to guarantee perfect and consistent alignment between blade and log deck. Eliminates constant re-tightening and inaccurate cuts of vibration-plagued bolt-together heads. Often imitated, never equaled, it's become the industry standard.

EVERY TimberKing mill has a Solid-Welded Twin-Beam Log Deck*  You'd never buy a pick-up with a bolt-together frame. Well your sawmill's got to handle similar pay-loads and should be no different. A Solid-Welded Twin-Beam Deck is the ONLY way to support the huge logs TimberKing mills are designed to cut. Eliminates constant readjustments required on bolt-together, "erector set" log decks.

EVERY TimberKing mill has a Solid-Welded Big-Beam Power Core  The core of any sawmill is the engine and the blade...it's where the action is. But tough conditions demand heavy construction. TimberKing's Big-Beam design meets these challenges head-on: one massive section of box-beam steel extends across the entire width of the mill...engine mounting plate is solid-welded to the top of the beam...laser-cut blade wheel plates are welded to the front. Altogether it's a truly massive weldment designed to keep your mill cutting true today, tomorrow and far into the future.

EVERY TimberKing Hydraulic Mill features Engine-Drive Direct-Action Hydraulics the most dependable system for running major mill functions. It's just so simple: move a lever, hydraulic fluid flows, your mill gets to work. Eliminates fussy electronic drive systems on competitors' mills. 

EVERY TimberKing mill outweighs major same-class competitors by hundreds, even thousands, of pounds!

Some companies may go to great lengths to convince you that “less is more” when it comes to sawmill design. They may tell you that less steel, more bolts and fewer welds make for a more rugged piece of equipment.

But we listen to folks like you, folks who know their way around heavy equipment. Like you, we know heavy work demands heavy-built tools. 

So even though it makes our accountants scream, we don’t skimp on steel. With a massive 4-post head at the heart of your mill, you’ll pull your mill down the worst logging trails without giving blade alignment a second thought. With two full-length log deck beams, you’ll load huge logs without a worry. In short, you’ll have the confidence that comes with owning the best-designed, heaviest-built portable bandmill available.

ONLY TimberKing gives you all this...

Massive Solid-Welded 4-Post Cutting Head — Rigid, dependable support exactly where it’s needed: at all 4 corners.

Twin-Beam Log Deck Solid-Welded From Box Beam Steel — A rugged, rigid log deck that’ll take full loads without bending, warping, or twisting.

Nearly 90 Year Tradition of Trust — Every TimberKing mill comes with our unmatched heritage of quality and service. The began in 1929 with the "Old Reliable" Belsaw mill and has continued right through today with our ruggedly-designed mills becoming the industry standard.

Best-in-Class Features — EVERY TK mill has the premier set of hard-working features in its class to guarantee you top performance.

Top Value in Every Model — Right up the line, you get more mill for less money than any other brand.

Industry’s Strongest Warranties — EVERY TK mill comes with the best guarantee and warranties in the industry. How much better? Click for details on our Warranty and Guarantee.

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* 1220 cutting deck consists of three Twin-Beam Solid-Welded deck sections.
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