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    SUPER INDUSTRIAL PORTABLE SAWMILL WITH FULL HYDRAULICS AND 65HP DIESEL POWER Whether you’re in Oregon, Louisiana, Alberta or Brazil, if you’ve got massive trees to cut the 2500 is your mill.  Or if you’re one of those people who simply won’t settle for anything less than the biggest and baddest,…

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    Whether you’re in Oregon, Louisiana, Alberta or Brazil, if you’ve got massive trees to cut the 2500 is your mill.  Or if you’re one of those people who simply won’t settle for anything less than the biggest and baddest, you’ve come to the right place. Our most massive solid-welded Big 3 Super-Structure comes packed with full Direct-Action Hydraulic Log Handling, our most advanced Computer Setworks, and loads of extras. Direct Action Hydraulic features: Hydraulic Blade Feed, Hydraulic Blade Up/Down, Hydraulic Log Loaders, 2x Hydraulic Bi-Directional Chain Log Turners, 2x Hydraulic Dual-Action Log Clamps, 6x Hydraulic Vertical Log Stops, Hydraulic Roller Toe-Boards. Fully-programmable advanced SuperSetworks gives accurate cuts, board after board, in the toughest conditions. Plus all the “extras” come standard: Massive Cut Throat, Electric Blade Clutch, Side-Wind Support Jacks, Greasable Blade Guides, Moveable Guide Roller, Tandem Axle and Operator-Height Swing Command Post.

    Call for a shipping quote. All mill prices are FOB Kansas City.

  • 2500 hydraulic log clamp


    Massive Big 3 Super-Structure. Solid-Welded Four-Post Head, Solid-Welded Twin Beam Log Deck and Solid-Welded Big-Beam Cut Core eliminate bolt-together structural designs common on competitive mills — and the constant readjustment and retightening that comes with them.

    Massive Solid-Welded Steel Cutting Deck with 8 2×6 Box Beam welded cross members for maximum strength, massive 2×8 Box Beam Log Deck Rails.

    65HP 4-Cylinder Kubota Engine. If you know diesel engines, you know Kubota is the best. That’s why we put them on our mills.

    Made in USA with imported engine. Big-3 Superstructure and all fabricated parts are Made in USA: cut, shaped, welded, painted and assembled right here in Kansas City. Kubota engine is imported.

    Direct Action Hydraulics. Every hydraulic TimberKing mill has simple, trouble-free, engine-driven, hydraulic controls. This is a proven, straightforward, DIRECT MECHANICAL solution… far more dependable than 12-volt electric switching and motors. We perfected this system over 15 years ago – and we’re flattered that others have decided to copy it.

    Operator-Height Hydraulic Swing Command Post – Hydraulic controls are at elbow-height, for comfortable and efficient operation over a long work day. Compare to other brands with crucial controls low to the ground, making operator lean over to operate basic mill functions.

    Full-Time Hydraulic Control. Crucial hydraulic log-handling tools — turners, log stops, log clamps, toe boards — work full-time. Compare to “part-time” hydraulics on competitive mills, where hydraulic tools disengage when the cutting head leaves the back of the machine.

    Dual Bi-Directional Chain Log Turners for ultimate control on big logs. Massive #100 chain and solid machined turner blocks lets you easily turn logs in both directions for perfect positioning. We invented it…now we’ve perfected it.

    Hydraulic Vertical Log Stops (6) the same dependable design we’ve used for years, beefed up with solid two-by-two steel uprights.

    Hydraulic Log Loaders with twin, 5-ton rams, 1″ thick steel loading arms, self-attenuating supports, 7,000 lbs. capacity!

    Dual High-Speed Hydraulic Log Clamps One lever moves powerful spike in and out. A second lever moves spike to the perfect height for every cut.

    Hydraulic Chain Drive Cutting Head provides dependable, solid-state blade feed…eliminates slippage of cable-drive systems.

    Hydraulic Roller Toe Boards let you get the best boards from tapered logs.

    Tandem-Axle Transport with Premium Tires supports this massive machine on the road and gives the added peace of mind that comes with a tandem-axle.

    SuperSetworks computer-controlled cutting, board after board cut to specific thickness you select with the flip of a switch. Components meet the highest international standards. Setworks box and encoder meet IP67 standards ensuring total protection both from dust and complete immersion in water. In addition, encoder meets IP69 standards protecting it from jet sprayed water!

    Hinge Blade Wheel Covers comes standard, blade engages with the flip of a switch.

    Massive Cutting Throat 38″ between the guide rollers, 16″ clearance above the blade, 36″ max clearance above the log deck gives you the capacity to easily handles logs up to 39″ in diameter…and beyond.

    Electric Blade Clutch comes standard, blade engages with the flip of a switch. An expensive upgrade on competitors’ mills.

    Greasable 3″ Blade Guide Rollers greaseable bearings and large diameter dramatically increase blade and bearing life.

    Available Debarker cuts a clean path for blade – increases blade life and cut accuracy.

    Available Board Drag Back brings board back to operator’s end for higher daily production.

    Heavy Duty Industrial Energy Chain binds hydraulics in a coat of protective armor…safe from abrasion and damage. Lines are tucked along side of machine, can’t get caught on over-hanging limbs, branches or gateways.

    Auto Blade Guide adjusts with flip of a switch to varying work-piece widths.


    Cutting Head4-Post, Solid Welded

    Cutting DeckTwin-Beam, Solid Welded

    Power Core4x6 Beam, Solid-Welded

    Standard Motor65HP Kubota Diesel (Electric Available)

    Machine Weight6400 lbs

    Max Width of Cut37"

    Max Log Diameter39"

    Max Cut Length24' (Extendable)

    Clearance Above Blade16"

    Machine Width7' 9"

    Machine Length35' 3"

    Log Deck RailsSolid Welded 2x6 Box Beam Steel

    Log Deck Cross BeamsSolid Welded 2x8 Box Beam Steel

    Blade ClutchStandard (Electric)

    Control Height from Ground41”

    Moveable Guide RollerAuto (Electric)

    Command PostStandard

    Direct-Action Hydraulic SystemStandard

    Feed SystemDirect-Action-Hydraulic

    Blade Up/DownDirect-Action-Hydraulic

    Bi-Directional Chain Log TurnerDirect-Action Hydraulic

    Log StopsDirect-Action Hydraulic (Vertical)

    Log Clamp2x Direct-Action-Hydraulic

    Highway TransportStandard, Goodyear Tires

    Fine Adjust Outriggers6x 5,000 lbs capacity

    Money-Back Guarantee30-Day No Questions


    3-Year Limited

    Cutting Deck Warranty5-Year Limited

    Specifications refer to standard configuration mills and are subject to change without notice. Some assembly required.


    30-Day, No-Risk Money-Back Guarantee. You take no risk! When your 2500 mill arrives, put it to work for 30 days completely at our risk. Use it as much as you like. Make absolutely certain that it is everything you expected. If you are not entirely pleased and satisfied, simply notify us and return it within 30 days (shipping pre-paid by buyer) for a full refund of the mill’s purchase price.

    3-Year Limited Mechanical Warranty. Your TimberKing 2500 and all attachments have been built with the best materials and components and carefully inspected at our factory. We will, at any time within three years from the date of delivery, repair or replace (our option) any part which is defective in materials or workmanship. This includes parts not directly manufactured by TimberKing, Inc. such as bearings, electrical systems, and hydraulic components. Obvious wear parts such as blades, belts, and tires, of course, are not included. Call or write for details.

    5-Year Limited Log Deck Warranty. In addition to TimberKing’s Industry-Best 3-year warranty, the log deck weldment on 2500 mills is covered for a full 5 years against defective materials or workmanship. Call for details.